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Star Inks Pale Beige Pigment


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Product Description

Star-Ink Make Up is a complete line of the most popular colors for permanent makeup. Its pigments, created from iron oxide, have proven to be the safest pigment. The special combination of mineral substances helps in the wound healing process and does not usually cause allergic reactions. Star-Ink Make Up pigments are non-irritating, phototoxic, sensitizing, photosensitizing, and genotoxic and do not cause a swelling reaction on the skin.


  • Available in 1/2 ounce size.
  • Micropigmentation inks to correct defects on the skin, draw the line of eyes, eyebrows, or lips.
  • You will wear a makeup free of touch-ups.
  • Microblading is used to repopulate a part of the body that does not have hair, on the other hand, Micropigmentation will be used to repopulate an area with little emphasis.
  • They are made in the United States and have a tamper evident seal and waterproof label


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