General Inquiries and FAQ

Question: What is the difference between RLT, RLT-BP, and RLT-XT?

Answer: FYT Tattoo Cartridges containing RLT indicates that the needle grouping is TIGHT allowing for finer lines and more intricate details. 

  • RLT: Round Liner Tight are #12 gauge (0.35mm) Diameter
  • RLT-BP: Round Liner Tight Bugpin are #10 gauge (0.30mm) Diameter
  • RLT-XT: Round Liner X-Tight, our tightest cartridge needles that we carry. Available in the following gauge sizes: #12 (0.35mm), #10 (0.30mm), #08 (0.25mm), #06 (0.20mm)

Question: What is the difference between Long Taper (M) and Medium Taper (MM) Magnum Shader cartridges? Which one is right for you?

Answer: FYT Magnum Shaders come standard in a Long Taper but certain needle sizes are also available in Medium Taper. Tapers indicate the length of the point at the very end of each needle and Long Tapers tend to be used for black and grey work or shading in general whereas Medium Tapers are better for colour packing and solid fill.  

Question: What is the difference between RL, RLL, and RS?

Answer: FYT Round Tattoo cartridges come in 3 distinct configurations that differ on how spaced apart the circular needle grouping is.

  • RL: Round Liner is our standard regular grouping
  • RLL: Round Liner Loose have needles that are spread out slightly more than our standard regular configuration.
  • RS: Round Shaders are the loosest round cartridges we offer with the needle grouping spread out the furthest apart.

Question: What is the difference between Standard Round Liners / Round Shaders and the V2-Round Liners / V2-Round Shaders?

Answer: The major difference between our Standard and V2 line of tattoo cartridges is the clear tip where the needle protrudes out. Standard Round Liner and Round Shader cartridge needles have a tip cut on a slant with a bigger opening. V2-Round Liners and V2-Round Shaders offer a slim textured tip with a small rounded opening that provides exceptional ink flow.

Question: What Gauge sizes / Diameters are FYT Tattoo Cartridges available in?

Answer: All our Cartridges, regardless of configuration, come in our defaulted standard #12 gauge (0.35mm). All needles labelled as BP indicate they are Bugpin which is #10 gauge (0.30mm). The only cartridge configurations that we offer outside of these gauge sizes are our X-Tight Round Liner Series, which also come in #08 gauge (0.25mm) and #06 gauge (0.20mm).