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      We Live For Your Possibilities

      Possibilities. Everybody sees them and wants them. However, you, the professional PMU artist, has the unique ability to create them. That’s why clients come to you, because with every stroke, blend, and touch – you turn possibilities into true results.

      Perma Blend is the professional’s choice for creating more possibilities.

      We’re committed to doing everything to empower, support, and educate PMU professionals. That means offering the most consistent, high-quality permanent cosmetic products, and providing educational support so you can achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. We exist to serve our artist community and move the industry forward – developing and manufacturing safe and reliable products and providing a customer service experience you can depend on. Because at Perma Blend, we are artists ourselves, and we know the right pigments and guidance can make all the difference in becoming the type of professional you want to be.
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