FYT x A.T Evo Wireless Tattoo Machine - Tattoo Machine - FYT Tattoo Supplies New York
FYT x A.T Evo Wireless Tattoo Machine - Tattoo Machine - FYT Tattoo Supplies New York

FYT x A.T Evo Wireless Tattoo Machine


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Introducing our revolutionary FYT x A.T(Ai-Tenitas) Evo tattoo machine – a perfect blend of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. It's the Bounty Hunter T200 Evolution Limited Edition. Designed with the discerning tattoo artist in mind, our product stands out with its unparalleled features:

Motor Powerhouse: Experience the epitome of performance with a customized 9W German FAULHABER brushless motor. Enjoy minimal noise and vibration, providing you with the perfect canvas for your artistry.

Precision Strokes: Achieve perfection in every stroke with a 4.00mm precision that ensures your creativity knows no bounds.

Versatile Voltage Control: Take control of your art with a voltage range of 5V-12V, adjustable in 0.1V increments. Harness the power with gyro control for seamless precision.

Extended Battery Life: Unleash your creativity for hours on end with an average battery life of 8 hours. The two replaceable 2040mAh Panasonic NCR18500A batteries ensure uninterrupted sessions.

Innovative Display: Navigate effortlessly with a full-color AMOLED round screen that provides clear visuals of voltage, modes, battery status, and seamless App & Bluetooth connectivity.

Dynamic RGB Ambient Light: Set the mood with RGB ambient light that changes with a simple gyro motion or through the intuitive app. Let your creativity shine through every hue.

Comfortable Grip: Crafted with ergonomics in mind, our machine boasts an ergonomic shape for ultimate comfort. Compatible with most cartridge needles, it ensures a smooth and comfortable tattooing experience.

Premium Build: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, our machine not only exudes sophistication but is also corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and durability.

Smart Connectivity: Connect effortlessly with our dedicated app via Bluetooth. Take charge of voltage and ambient light colors, and enjoy the convenience of personalized settings that are memorized for your ease.

Exclusive CRM System: For the first time, tattoo artists have access to a unique CRM (customer relationship management) system tailored just for them. Streamline your interactions and enhance client relationships effortlessly.

Stitch Frequency Mastery: Fine-tune your craft with stitch frequencies ranging from 71-168Hz, powered by the exceptional 9W German FAULHABER motor.

Elevate your tattooing experience with a machine that combines innovation, comfort, and precision – a true masterpiece for true artists.

2-Year Warranty - We do not repair or offer replacements, everything must be handled by the manufacture.

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