$18.00 USD

Provides a highly effective protection for your bedding and furniture. Also known as chux blue under pads, used for medical procedures and care as well as incontinent adults. Dynarex blue pads can also be used for training pads for housebreaking pets.

The Dynarex Underpads are highly absorbent liners for use during medical procedures and care for adult incontinence. The underpads feature a waterproof, non-skid backing which is sealed on all four sides to prevent leakage.

  • Waterproof pads to protect sheets, mattress or furniture
  • Highly absorbent, soft fill
  • Non-skid blue backing
  • Sealed on all four sides to prevent leakage
  • Underpads with polymer offer extra absorbency and protection
  • Disposable Underpads are not biodegradable

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