Sacred Inks


      Every Body is a Temple. Every Body is Sacred.

      These days, tattoo clients are hyper-aware of the ink that’s being put in their bodies. Never have more demands been placed on artists to use high-quality ink that meets rigorous safety–and ethical–guidelines.

      Sacred Ink was founded to provide working artists with consistently reliable ink that meets the standards of today’s tattoo clients.

      We’ve built our lines to provide artists with buttery smooth ink in a variety of colors, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

      30 Years of Experience in Every Bottle

      Adam Everett is our chief pharmacist, line pharmacist, and quality control person. He makes every single bottle of Sacred Ink to his exacting standards.

      We test for consistency, pigment load, and general quality. We color-match every single batch to ensure that each bottle of Sacred Ink is the exact same color as every other bottle.

      Adam developed his ink recipe over decades, consulting with artists and clients to develop an ink that feels great to work with. Every bottle of Sacred Ink follows that recipe exactly, and it is hand-mixed by Adam himself.