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Product Description

This unique 2-in-1 stencil transfer gel cleans and prepares the skin before serving as the transfer medium. Applying a small amount of this gel to the skin cleans away oils and dead skin cells, increasing the quality of transfers. Then, a unique botanical blend moves stencils from transfer paper and adheres them to the skin, locking the stencil down on the molecular level.

This petroleum-free, propylene glycol-free, all-natural blend is safe for all skin types and is optimized for use with S8 RED Transfer Paper.

The RED Stencil Transfer Gel is a unique stencil product that contains a natural surfactant that cleans and removes oils from the skin. This preps the skin to effectively bond to the stencil and works as a transfer medium. It is a specially developed formula that does not contain any oils or long-chain hydrocarbons so that the longevity of the stencil is not compromised.

Once the stencil has been transferred to the skin, the RED Tattooing Gel is used to seal and protect it from wiping. Use during the tattooing process in place of other tattoo glides and ointments for improved needle performance, color penetration, and longevity for the artist, as well as reduced friction, irritation, and inflammation for the client. This innovative gel requires fewer applications than petrolatum and a lower drag coefficient, allowing faster, improved ink saturation with less tissue trauma.

The 50 unit pack was developed for large, high-volume shops and hard-working artists. This large bag has great value and helps shop managers, artists, and owners track supply levels while minimizing costs. This resealable bulk bag is great for storage spaces and supply closets, but also fits into cabinets and workstations. Each individual unit has a tear-away top and narrow aperture optimized for quick and easy dispensing.


  • Safe for use on all skin types
  • Vegan-friendly; not tested on animals
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Patent pending
  • 50 Counts per Bag

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